The energy of the thermal water

From the source of the Terme di Giunone (Caldiero-Verona) springs the thermal water that animates the Thermal treatments. It is a bioactive water that improves the beauty of the hair and restores a new balance that gives health and vitality. The Acqua di Giunone, thanks to the mineral salts, ions and trace elements present:

  • Hydrates, remineralizes and restructures the hair
  • It has a soothing, emollient, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing action on the skin;
  • It stimulates the microcirculation favoring the removal of toxins
  • It brings energy to the entire capillary system.
  • It is a "balanced" water towards the skin and especially the hair, as it respects its natural physiology. It should be emphasized that the Acqua delle Terme di Giunone is certified by the Ministry of Health as suitable and specific water for the treatment of skin problems.

All Thermal products are SLES, SULPHATES and PARABENS free, for a more delicate cleansing that respects the health of skin and hair.

Protettivo Lucidante 3TH 150ml EMSIBETH Thermal
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It stops the damage due to smog for ever ... Use 3TH Protective Liquid polishing water without rinsing. A treatment that creates a protective shield on the hair against micro-particles due to environmental pollution. Leaves hair shiny, light, protected and clean for longer.
Shampoo Purificante 1TH 250ml EMSIBETH Thermal
Pollution, fine dust, exhaust gases, chlorine have removed light and vitality to hair that is now dull and opaque? 1TH Purifying Shampoo is a treatment with thermal water, lactic acid and Moringa Oleifera. that cleanses, detoxifies, purifies and protects every type of hair. It fights smog, fixative products and chlorine that are deposited on the scalp and hair. Parabens Free
Condizionante Purificante 2TH 150ml EMSIBETH Thermal
Thermal treatment that purifies, detoxifies and protects hair. 2TH Purifying Conditioner completes the action of the Purifying Shampoo, providing a conditioning effect to the hair that regains lightness, vitality and combability. a delicate formulation suitable for all hair types. Without Parabens
Condizionante Rivitalizzante 2TH 150ml EMSIBETH Thermal
Are you looking for a product that gives volume and lightness to hair? 2TH Revitalizing Conditioner is a thermal water treatment that acts gently on fine, atonic hair, thinned with dry ends and volumizes them without weighing it down. Paraben free