Latest arrivals on Glamhairshop of the most important Italian cosmetics companies: Framesi Cotril Davines Emsibeth Z. One Gordon Guenzani

FRAMESI Hand Gel Igienizzante Mani 400ml
Framesi with FRAMESI Hand Sanitizing Hand Gel 400ml has created the sanitizing hand cleaner and has done it with the heart. Contains 65% ethyl alcohol, lemon essential oil and organic Mallow extract. Leaves your hands perfectly hydrated and soft.
DAVINES Medium Hold Fiber Cream 50ml
DAVINES Medium Hold Fiber Cream 50ml is an ideal styling cream for all short and medium hair types. Provides a medium hold, gives excellent malleability and a satin finish.
FRAMESI Extra Charge Red 125ml
FRAMESI Extra Charge Rosso is an easy to use and extremely versatile product. Designed to meet the needs of the modern woman, in a few minutes the color will be fuller and brighter. The RED shade is definitely the choice of an enterprising and confident woman.
COTRIL Nutro Miracle Intensive Mask 200ml
Intensive nourishing mask enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin F. Donates vitality and strength to dull and weak hair and restores a healthy and silky aspect, from roots to ends. Formulated to regulate the frizz effect.
COTRIL Nutro Miracle Potion vials 10x12ml
COTRIL Nutro Miracle Potion vials 10x12ml is a nourishing and regenerating serum for dry and very dry hair. Helps to instantly nourish the driest parts, leaving hair visibly softer, healthier and shinier.
COTRIL Hydra Lotion 10x12ml
COTRIL Hydra Lotion 10x12ml disposable vials that favor the correct hydration of the stem, strengthening it and increasing its natural protection against external aggressive agents and free radicals. The hair will be soft, supple and visibly brighter.
FRAMESI DecolorB No Dust 500gr
Framesi Decolor B No Dust is a powder whitener suitable for all hair types. Thanks to its delicate formula and "no dust", it ensures greater safety in the salon and defends the hair throughout the process, leaving it hydrated in depth.