Framesi Repair Morphosis with sunflower oil, it restructures damaged hair thanks to super moisturizing formulas, composed with the best ingredients made available by modern cosmetic science.

When the hair is dry, dull and porous, its first need is the thorough repair of the deep and superficial structure of the stem. The optimal result is obtained with a treatment that brings restorative substances that are fixed to the hair, bringing it back to its natural flexibility and shine.

  • Repair brittle and damaged hair
  • Rehydrates dry hair
  • Shine dull hair
  • Softens, detangles, protects

Sunflower Oil - brings energy to the hair bulb making it more productive; protects the surface of the hair from external agents; replenishes the intracellular cement present in the cuticle; restores the bonds and lipid losses of the fibers of the cortex

Hyaluronic Acid - provides deep hydration and helps the scales of the hair to regroup

Almond Protein - with restructuring, substantiating and moisturizing action

FRAMESI Repair Conditioner 250ml
Repair Conditioner Framesi 250ml is a conditioner for thin or normal hair. It does not weigh down and its application restores combability to the damaged stem.
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FRAMESI Repair Velvet 100ml
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Repair Velvet Framesi by Morphosis is a disciplining fluid with a fill-up effect for frizzy and dry hair. It fills the porosity of the hair making it uniform, shiny and full-bodied. Eliminates frizz and facilitates styling.
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FRAMESI Repair Conditioner 1000ml
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Framesi Repair Conditioner is a conditioner for fine or normal hair. It has the ability not to weigh down and restores combability to the damaged stem. Perfect for reconditioning and protecting after bleaching, straightening, waving and perms. The 1000ml package created for professionals and very convenient for the family.