Davines Authentic Formulas is the line of multifunctional products rich in ingredients of natural origin formulated to be used on hair, face and body.

Each product is extra delicate and performs its function flawlessly, cleansing, moisturizing, protecting and nourishing all types of hair and skin in the best possible way and giving a deep sensation of pleasure and well-being.

DAVINES Authentic Moisturising Balm 150ml
DAVINES Authentic Moisturizing Face Hair Body Balm is a multifunctional oil-based conditioner that gently moisturizes hair, face and body. A sensory experience for all hair and skin types that will be soft, nourished and hydrated.
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DAVINES Authentic Cleansing Nectar 280ml
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DAVINES Authentic Hair and Body Wash Nectar is a delicate multifunction shampoo rich in ingredients of natural origin. The oil texture cleanses and nourishes hair and body, giving it incredible softness and hydration.
DAVINES Authentic Replenishing butter 200ml
DAVINES Authentic Restorative Butter ist eine multifunktionale, aufbauende, nährende Butter für Haare und Gesichtshaut. Verleiht Geschmeidigkeit und tiefe Feuchtigkeit, ideal für ein tägliches Ritual authentischer Schönheit.
DAVINES Authentic Nourishing Oil 140ml
DAVINES Authentic Nourishing Oil for face, hair and body. Formulated with ingredients of natural origin and with biodegradable surfactants. It cleanses, moisturizes and protects hair and body, giving a deep sensation of pleasure and well-being.