pH MED is synonymous with scientific innovation and efficiency in the field of skin and hair health: it offers a full range of treatments specifically designed and developed in the Cotril laboratories.

These treatments counteract and prevent trichological anomalies.

They are suitable for those who want to prevent physiological hair loss, to counteract thinning and promote regrowth, fight dandruff, or excessive sebaceous secretion and for all types of sensitive and sensitized skin.


COTRIL PH Med Energising Woman Lotion 12x6ml
COTRIL PH Med Energizing Woman Lotion 12x6ml are disposable anti-hair loss vials specific for women's scalp. Specific ampoules for the prevention of hair loss for women.
COTRIL PH Med Densigenie Densifying Lotion14x6ml
COTRIL PH Med Densigenie Densifying Lotion14x6ml is an intensive formulation designed to awaken drowsy bulbs and redensify the hair. The synergistic content of plant stem cells and hydrolyzed extracts of walnut and rocket strongly stimulates the growth of the dermal papillae of the follicle. Hair will be stronger and more resistant.