We at GLAMHAIRSHOP are distributors of Emsibeth, a large Italian company that was born from the great experience of industry and hair care professionals for the production and sale of hair care and beauty products.

Emsibeth has always been synonymous with professionalism at the service of hairdressers who intend to obtain great results from their work: a vast assortment of targeted and effective products, which contribute to maximum customer satisfaction.

Emsibeth stands out for its availability, dedication, concreteness, enthusiasm, transparency and sensitivity in meeting the needs of professionals and consumers who believe in high quality, with a program full of ideas and a modern commercial policy and innovative.

The best of "Made in Italy, with love"

Anti-frizz Lacquer 150ml Keyliss Keratin Treat EMSIBETH
An ultra light diffusion frizzy hair spray. Contains new generation anti-humidity resins that fix the smooth hairstyle for longer over time. Non-sticky, dries quickly and leaves hair soft and shiny.
Super Moisturizing Hand Cream 50ml Thermal EMSIBETH
Do you have delicate hands and want to protect them from the cold of winter or excessive heat? This is the cream for you. Light, it absorbs quickly, protects, nourishes, moisturises and is not greasy. 2TH Super Moisturizing Hand Cream performs an anti-age action and makes the hands soft, elastic and young.
Protettivo Lucidante 3TH 150ml EMSIBETH Thermal
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It stops the damage due to smog for ever ... Use 3TH Protective Liquid polishing water without rinsing. A treatment that creates a protective shield on the hair against micro-particles due to environmental pollution. Leaves hair shiny, light, protected and clean for longer.
Delicate Micellar Solution 0TH Thermal EMSIBETH
Our mothers have always taught us to remove make-up well before going to sleep ... but many times in a hurry we skip this simple operation to invigorates face and eyes .... Don't be lazy love your skin !!
MyShampoo Illuminating Multiation 200ml MyMultiaction EMSIBETH
Do your hair have so many problems you want to give us a cut? First try the new Multi-action illuminating shampoo from Mymultiaction, a single product with multiple qualities ... it illuminates, protects, repairs, strengthens and prevents frequent washing. What are you waiting for???
Humidity Prof 200ml HulaHoop EMSIBETH
Humidity Proof The brand new product of the Hula Hoop Styling line is innovative and revolutionary, combating the annoying effect of electrostatic or frizzy hair due to moisture. Just a little spray before going out and you are sheltered and protected from the dangers of time. For perfectly hydrated and silky hair ... always !!
Body Moisturizing Shower Bath 1TH 200ml Thermal EMSIBETH
Bathing is a luxury that we can afford to pamper spirit and body. When we need to relax, what could be more magical than a bath full of soft and fragrant foam? Let's take the right time and product. Body Moisturizing Shower Bath envelops you in a delicate foam that nourishes, moisturizes our skin in a gentle way. Without Sles and Parabens
Volumizer 150ml Emsibeth Shine Volume
More root volume? A volumizing emulsion that gives thickness to the capillary fibers, leaving the hair soft, bright and easy to work. Protector of heat and humidity, it gives an extreme volume at the root.
Rebuild 2.0 Shampoo 200ml Strengthening Shampoo EMSIBETH
A hair reinforcing shampoo based on delicate surfactants (no sulphates, no parabens), cleanses delicately, restoring new vitality and strength to damaged, brittle or fragile hair due to aggressive technical and chemical treatments.
Extra Hold Gel 150ml EMSIBETH HulaHoop
HulaHoop Extra-Hold Gel is an extra-strong holding modeling gel. Fix and shape the locks with an extra-strong hold. It leaves no residue and dries quickly without weighing down the hair.
MyExpress Beauty Multiaction 150ml MyMultiaction EMSIBETH
When you have the minutes counted and shampooing becomes an impossible task, there is only one solution ... MyExpress Beauty Multiaction your beauty ally !! The dry multi-action shampoo for clean, light and fragrant hair in no time. Without water and without hair dryer, restores volume, freshness, shine to the hair between one shampoo and another. Nevermore without. i and massage with circular movements to make the product penetrate. Brush to remove any product residue. Paraben free
Water Wax 75gr EMSIBETH HulaHoop
A water-based wax that separates, defines the locks without greasing. The finishig is ideal for a strong effect. Water Wax has a pleasant citrus scent.
Curliss Fluid 200ml EMSIBETH HulaHoop
A versatile fluid that gives elasticity and body to the hair. Ideal as an anti-frizz and antistatic, it compacts the curl and keeps the folds smooth and longer.