Beard Cleansing Wipes GORDON
Scented and clean mustache and beard every day? Always carry the comfortable Beard Cleansing Wipes with you, disposable cleansing wipes for the hygiene and beauty of the mustache, beard and skin.
Balance Shampoo for Oily Hair 50ml FRAMESI Morphosis
Framesi Morphosis Balance Shampoo 50ml is a physiological PH detergent specific for oily scalp, through a system of delicate surfactants to keep the hair soft, hydrated, combable, light and full of volume. Now in tsacabile format. With its principles, it restores the balance of the hydro-lipid barrier and frees the scalp from excess sebum.
Volume Argan and Macadamia Mousse 50ml OLTRE Professional
Hair without support? "Mousse Volume Argan and Macadamia Oil" is a volumizing mousse with Argan and Macadamia oil for natural support and elastic hold of the hair. Gives volume and body even to long hair.
Hold&Brush Me Hairspray 406 For-Me 75ml FRAMESI
Hold & Brush Me Hairspray, fixative spray for strong and remodeling hair. Protects from moisture, gives shape while maintaining the natural look of the hair. Can be brushed and reapplied. In the practical handbag format to never give up a perfect fold.
Hand Gel Disinfectant 100ml FRAMESI
Framesi made the sanitizing hand cleaner and did it with the heart. Contains 65% ethyl alcohol, lemon essential oil and organic mallow extract. Leaves your hands perfectly hydrated and soft.
Nutritious Milk 200ml OLTRE Professional
When hair is terribly dry and fragile due to continuous chemical treatments, dyes, ... they need precious help and the company Oltre finds it in milk. Milk Nourishing Milk is a multi-purpose cosmetic treatment for all types of hair, especially for the hydration and restructuring of dry and treated hair.
The Renaissance Circle 50ml DAVINES
The ideal mask For the woman who often uses hot tools, such as hair dryers or straighteners, or has subjected her hair to chemical treatments. Or more simply for the woman who loves sports such as swimming in the sea or in the pool.
The Quick Fix Circle 50ml DAVINES
The ideal mask for the woman who is always busy, dedicated to work, daily commitments, hobbies and friends. Perfectly hydrated, soft and perfectly manageable hair in no time.
The Wake-Up Circle 50ml DAVINES
New volume and energy for the hair of the woman who is always on the go, or loves to have fun late on the weekend. A revitalizing mask for stressed scalp and hair.
The Let It Go Circle 50ml DAVINES
For the woman who feels the need for a relaxing break. A mask that gives hydration and softness to hair and skin that need a break.
The Restless Circle 50ml DAVINES
Mask with an invisible texture, gives elasticity and strengthens the structure of hair stressed by an active life. For women who love physical activity, or have little time but want to take care of the beauty of their hair.
Anti-frizz Lacquer 150ml Keyliss Keratin Treat EMSIBETH
An ultra light diffusion frizzy hair spray. Contains new generation anti-humidity resins that fix the smooth hairstyle for longer over time. Non-sticky, dries quickly and leaves hair soft and shiny.