Nourishine Emsibeth


Nourishine is the Emsibeth line that revitalizes dull, brittle and damaged hair.

Each product contains and preserves the beneficial virtues of three oils.

Linseed oil, Argan oil and Camellia Japonica oil. The hair, whether it is damaged or that just needs to regain shine, will appear enhanced, protected and hydrated. Nourishine by Emsibeth is a sensory experience, characterized by a floral and fruity fragrance with green and sparkling touches that make the treatment unique, refined and simply perfect.

Nourishing-Shining Shampoo 200ml EMSIBETH Nourishine
Nourishine Shampoo is born from the magical virtues of three Oils, Argan, Linen and Camelia Japonica. Delicately cleanses, giving incredible softness, shine and body to damaged, damaged and sensitized hair. Make your hair flourish !!!
Nourishine Shine Mask 200ml Nourishine EMSIBETH
A nourishing-polishing mask with Argan, Linseed, and Camellia Japonica oils to nourish, hydrate and regulate damaged, exploited or sensitized hair. Distribute on lengths and ends and leave for 5-10 minutes ... a few minutes for a real regenerating treatment. New light and softness to your hair!
Nourishine Shine Oil 30ml Nourishine EMSIBETH
A beauty elixir for your hair that you won't be able to give up. From the precious virtues of argan oil, linseed and Japonica camellia to obtain extraordinarily silky, soft, protected and shiny hair.