Framesi For-Me Smooth & Disciplined



Long hair for us women is and remains a must. Actresses, established models, stars, starlets in short, the world of the jet Set is full of girls with long, silky and shiny hair.

A mantle that goes down to the waist. But is it possible for us mere mortals?

Smooth & Disciplined is the new line for having perfectly smooth and shiny hair. Three products for a moisture-proof smooth, silky effect and a guaranteed mirror shine all day long. Seeing is believing!!!!

Detangle Me Spray 120 For-Me FRAMESI
Can you have hydrated, nourished and even gentle hair to comb? Certainly from today your long hair will be perfectly extricable and bright with Detangle Me Spray, the new product of the For Me line. ... Steamed on lengths and ends for easier and more protected styling !!! 
Twist&Bride Me Cream 225 For-Me FRAMESI
A fluid to create defined braids and twists. The locks will be smoother and easier to work, better control of the desired weave. Making braids has never been easier and with an absolutely perfect result.
Shine Me Brightly Super Coat 119 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you want an absolute and extremely bright smooth? For an incomparable result, try the brand new product of the For Me line "Shine Me Brightly Super Coat" Extremely smooth hair, maximum light reflection for a mirror effect. Anti-frizz, anti-humidity and water-proofing. What are you waiting for???? 
Smooth Me Serum 218 For-Me FRAMESI
Smooth and long hair needs to be pampered Smooth Me Serum with a light and natural hold gives a smooth, full-bodied, and disciplined .