Framesi For-me Curl & Volume



Did you know that 65% of women have wavy hair? Natural or artfully made, afro style, curls, spiral ... There are many curls but everyone needs targeted care and products to keep them beautiful and healthy.

Curl & Volume is the product line dedicated to all the needs of wavy and curly hair: volume, definition, protection and shine.

Being curly is a style choice !!!!

Shape Me Glaze 222 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you want natural support for your wavy or smooth hair? SHAPE ME GLAZE structures the hair and allows a shapeable and long-lasting styling. Repairs imperfections of lengths and ends, moisturizes and polishes the hair. With extract of Wakame Seaweed and UV filter. The formula was implemented with innovative principles effective against environmental pollution.
Elevate Me Curl Cream 308 For-Me FRAMESI
If you want soft and well-structured curls you should definitely try the new For-Me line cream. Elevate Me Curl Cream is made to ensure elasticity, hydration and shine of the curl. The captivating red color packaging is new, the whole line is formulated with active ingredients that contrast environmental pollution.
Bring Me to The Beach Salt Spray 223 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you love your wavy beach-like hair? For a naturally wavy look "Bring Me To The Beach Salt Spray" texturizing with salt ... The product that you can no longer give up.
Make Me Wavy Spray 221 For-Me FRAMESI
Hair in direct contact with the hair dryer or hot air can become opaque and become frizzy and fragile. How to run for cover? Make Me Wavy Spray to be sprayed on wet hair before drying with a hair dryer and plate or directly on dry hair before the plate. Protects from heat and moisture. It has a light fixation that allows waves and movements, makes the hair bright.
Give Me Body Mousse 401 For-me FRAMESI
Do you need lasting support for your hairstyle? Give Me Body Mousse volumizes and structures hair, has an anti-static effect and protects from heat. Ideal for structured styling.
Pump Me Up Spray 302 For-Me FRAMESI
When are your hair flat, without volume and would you like to run to the hairdresser? Pump Me Up Spray from the new For Me line by Framesi gives body and volume to the locks. To be applied to well-damped hair lock by lock from the roots to the ends for a thickening and volumizing action of the hair.