Framesi For-Me Line



For Me is the new finishing and styling line formulated with an innovative active ingredient that is extremely effective against environmental pollution. The beauty and protection of your hair comes directly from the sea with ALGA WACAME extract ...

The goal of For Me is to study a personal style that can best enhance the needs of the hair.

A versatile styling that can make you unique, special, contemporary. Curly hair? Smooth? Short? Long? With For Me it's easy just choose !!!

Hold&Brush Me Hairspray 406 For-Me 75ml FRAMESI
Hold & Brush Me Hairspray, fixative spray for strong and remodeling hair. Protects from moisture, gives shape while maintaining the natural look of the hair. Can be brushed and reapplied. In the practical handbag format to never give up a perfect fold.
Shape Me Glaze 222 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you want natural support for your wavy or smooth hair? SHAPE ME GLAZE structures the hair and allows a shapeable and long-lasting styling. Repairs imperfections of lengths and ends, moisturizes and polishes the hair. With extract of Wakame Seaweed and UV filter. The formula was implemented with innovative principles effective against environmental pollution.
Elevate Me Curl Cream 308 For-Me FRAMESI
If you want soft and well-structured curls you should definitely try the new For-Me line cream. Elevate Me Curl Cream is made to ensure elasticity, hydration and shine of the curl. The captivating red color packaging is new, the whole line is formulated with active ingredients that contrast environmental pollution.
Bring Me to The Beach Salt Spray 223 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you love your wavy beach-like hair? For a naturally wavy look "Bring Me To The Beach Salt Spray" texturizing with salt ... The product that you can no longer give up.
Blend Me Silver Gel 110 For-Me FRAMESI
Blend Me Silver Gel is a light-hold anti-yellow polishing gel that polishes and hydrates the hair. Mask the first white hair and leave the hair soft and fluffy. Contains the purple pigment that counteracts the onset of yellow.
Matt Me Strongly Paste 515 For-Me FRAMESI
Matt Me Strongly Paste is a matte finish wax that guarantees maximum control. With extra strong hold for a long lasting support, it leaves the locks structured and mouldable. With Wakame Algae extract and anti-humidity and matting waxes. For long-lasting styling !!!
Keep Me Strong Glue 609 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you want a sculpted look? Should your hair be disciplined? Keep Me Strong Glue is an extra strong hold gel. For those who love well-shaped and shiny locks this gel is ideal. It dries quickly and is effective even on very long locks.
Gloss Me Strongly Fibre Gum 416 For-Me FRAMESI
Gloss Me Strongly Fiber Gum 416 from the FOR ME line the wax that gives shape and movement. For a glossy effect and dynamic styling, it gives brilliance and support. A style full of energy !!!
Keep Me 24H Wet Gel 412 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you want to define your hair and get a wet look? Keep Me 24H Wet Gel 412 is a long-lasting flexible hold gel. For a disciplined styling and extra shiny hair !!
Make Me Wavy Spray 221 For-Me FRAMESI
Hair in direct contact with the hair dryer or hot air can become opaque and become frizzy and fragile. How to run for cover? Make Me Wavy Spray to be sprayed on wet hair before drying with a hair dryer and plate or directly on dry hair before the plate. Protects from heat and moisture. It has a light fixation that allows waves and movements, makes the hair bright.
Define Me Gel 411 For-Me FRAMESI
For you who love a well modeled look, and define the details of your styling Define Me Gel is your beauty ally. A strong holding modeling gel with anti-gravity fixation. Removes frizz and leaves a bright finish. Protective and resistant to moisture. To feel unique and contemporary !!!
Hold Me Extremely Hairspray 607 For-Me FRAMESI
Hold Me Extremely Hairspray is a fixative spray for extremely tight hair. For all types of styling and collected hair, it gives absolute control even on the longest locks. Dries quickly.
Hold Me Hairspray 305 For-Me FRAMESI
Hold Me Hair Spray is a NO-GAS fixative spray for hair. Perfect for natural looks, it allows flexible control and workable hair even after application. Quickly dry
Give Me Body Mousse 401 For-me FRAMESI
Do you need lasting support for your hairstyle? Give Me Body Mousse volumizes and structures hair, has an anti-static effect and protects from heat. Ideal for structured styling.
Hold Me Strongly Hairspray 504 For-Me FRAMESI
Do you want your hairstyle not to give in a millimeter throughout the evening? Hold Me Strongly Hairspray is a NO-GAS fixative spray for strong fixing hair. It gives structure and support to even the most elaborate looks. For your beauty routine !!