Vero Natura is a line for hair treatments based on certified organic herbal extracts and high quality raw materials whose symbiosis reaches the right balance between biological and chemical.

The mix of natural active ingredients and technologically advanced raw materials allow to achieve optimal results to solve the multiple anomalies of the scalp and hair.

Vero Natura was born with the intention of respecting skin, hair but also the surrounding environment. All the products are: DEA-MEA TEA FREE, COLORANT FREE, PARABEN FREE, SLES FREE; PROPYLENE GLYCOL FREE

Double Shampoo 200ml VERO NATURA
Do you have greasy hair, but the dry ends ???? Don't worry .... with Double Shampoo by Vero Natura the bivalent shampoo for oily scalp and dry ends is easily solved. It gives new softness to the sensitized and dry tips, and removes excess fat from the skin. Two products in one to give relief and vitality to your hair.
Purifyng Shampoo 200ml VERO NATURA
When dandruff does not give you respite ..... An oily skin tends to cause dandruff which is not only a skin blemish but can cause the hair to weaken and subsequently fall. Run for cover ... Purifyng Shampoo purifies skin and hair by removing all types of dry and oily dandruff. Love your hair and it will get stronger !!!!
Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml VERO NATURA

Very often we feel that our hair is dry, dry, brittle due to the continuous chemical treatments to which we submit them. Moisturizing Shampoo is a shampoo that restructures and gives the right degree of hydration to the hair. For unparalleled softness and shine ...

Energy Shampoo 250ml VERO NATURA
Energising stimulating for scalp and weak hair subject to loss delicately cleans scalp and hair. Gives an energising and pleasing effect.
Purifyng Scrub 200ml VERO NATURA
The scrub is a purifying treatment to thoroughly clean our skin. oxygenation from dead cells, fixative products and dandruff. Purifyng Scrub gently removes excess sebum and any type of dandruff. Purifies and conditions skin and hair leaving a pleasant sensation of hydration and freshness.
Moisturizing Mask 200ml VERO NATURA
If your hair needs an intensive revitalizing treatment Moisturizing Mask is the product you can't give up ... with certified organic herbal extracts and top quality raw materials Moisturizing Mask is the ideal answer for dehydrated, dry and brittle hair by continuous chemical treatments.
Energy Lotion 100ml VERO NATURA
Energising, strengthening for scalp and weak hair subject to loss energising lotion, strengthening for scalp, and hair subject to loss.